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What If I Don't Have A RV But Want To Go Camping?
Oct 29, 2018

With the rise of self-driving tour in China, many people like to drive to camp on their own, but once the weather changes, it is difficult to camp in the wild. Now there is convenient camping equipment that can solve the camping problem perfectly, that is, the roof tent. 

What is the roof tent? 

A roof tent is a tent placed on the roof of a car, which is different from a tent tied on the ground during outdoor camping and is known as "home on the roof". 

With the increase of car ownership and the increase of self-driving travel, there are three types of roof tents before the roof tents gradually become optional equipment for outdoor self-driving, one is manual, and it needs to build tents and put ladders by itself. This tent has a large interior space, and a large enclosure can be built under the ladders. The second is a fully automatic roof tent driven by a motor, which is easy to open and close. The third type is the vertical automatic tent, which is faster than the second type and is very simple after being put up and put up.