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What Are The Processes For Building A RV Camping?
Oct 29, 2018

With the continuous improvement of living standards in cities, more and more self-driving tours have replaced the market for group tours, and urban families also hope to arrange trips more freely and communicate with nature more deeply. The caravan camp was born. The real estate campsite has become very mature in foreign countries especially in Europe and America, but it is still in its infancy in China. Campers here specially compile the sequence of the construction of the caravan campsite so that the vast number of developers and builders can better understand the process required for the establishment of the caravan campsite.


1 Land approval, planning and design approval, environmental protection approval, project approval, public security fire control, sanitation and hydropower communication approval
 Need to register RV camp development investment company on development.
 Need to registered RV camp management co., ltd. on operating
The procedures for examination and approval of the camp are as follows:

1. Site selection: Involved in the land bureau, the land owner to determine the nature of the land.

2. Planning: After the camp planning, the planning text will be submitted to the local planning bureau for record approval.

3. Design: After obtaining the approval of the planning bureau, the design institute will design the planning drawings and then go to the planning bureau again.

4. Develop a complete plan: A unified control detailed analysis book with planning approval and planning design plan including design plan

The construction plan, supervision plan, and engineering plan shall be submitted to the tourism development and reform commission for application.

5. Start work: After getting the NDRC to declare the project, you can start construction. In addition, you can take various subsidies such as applying for a special fund for travel by applying for a project proposal. Before the start of construction, it is necessary to communicate with the water and electricity network to declare, and one less is a trouble in the future.

6. Operation: The industrial and commercial department shall apply for a camp operation permit, the health system shall handle the health certificate, the safety fire protection and special department shall handle the certificate, and the tax authorities shall handle the tax.