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Precautions In Buying RV Insurance
Oct 29, 2018

RV is expensive. After purchase, it may be your second most valuable asset in addition to your house. But repeated surveys show that most owners do not buy insurance for their RVs. If there is an accident in your RV, it will cause serious personal safety problems and economic losses. To ensure that you get the protection you need, the following nine golden rules may help you with your car insurance.

1. Give full consideration to the time and place when you use the RV. The places where the caravan goes are usually not frequented by cars such as campsites, riversides, forest areas, etc. If you often park your caravan under a tree, make sure the damage caused by the tree should be insured.

2. Ensure that the insurance clause includes the expensive cost of repairing the caravan, which is very necessary when the location of the accident is far away from the living place.

3. Guarantee your rights covers personal injury and property damage.

4. The new situation will happen every year. Will your insurance clauses cover all accidents?  What kind of agreement is appropriate in the insurance contract? Check your insurance program, and damage to recreational vehicle accessories such as sunshades should also be covered, because replacing recreational vehicle accessories is expensive.

5. Check whether your insurance contract is "new for old" or "damage". If it is the former, the old parts will still be owned by you when you purchase (compensation) new parts; if it is the latter, you can only get the same value compensation for the damaged parts.

6. Guarantee that damages caused by insurance clauses including uninsured third parties can still be compensated.

7. Choose an insurance company with good reputation, or you may find it difficult to successfully obtain insurance compensation when claiming your rights. Perhaps you should also consider the location of the insurance company to ensure that you have room for maintenance or that you will be satisfied with the location specified by the insurance company. There will be different situations in different places, so make sure you are well protected when the worst happens.

8. Check carefully the exception clauses in the insurance contract. Compared with the exception clauses of different insurance companies, choose the one that suits you best.

9. Check the maximum amount of compensation. As long as you follow the above nine golden rules and ensure that your car is protected to the greatest extent, you won't have any worries when you travel in a caravan.