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Distinguish The ABC Type And Understand The Difference Between Different Types Of Caravans
Oct 29, 2018

The self-propelled A-type caravans are the most advanced one in the caravans family. It is the largest and most functional caravan with own driving power, not a trailer RV.

Because it is the most luxurious and comfortable, it requires a lot of space. Therefore, the size is naturally much larger. The shape of the caravan is close to that of a large passenger car. It is a very square car and does not pursue a streamlined beauty.

Because this is not practical, it will take up a lot of space. The square caravans will have enough space and the appearance will be practical.

There are all kinds of furniture such as storage cabinets, tables, chairs, sofas, beds, televisions, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, network systems, satellite antennas, telephones, fax machines, bathrooms and so on.

The safety system on the caravan is also very complete such as reversing monitoring system, anti-collision alarm system, hydraulic level device, safety alarm system and so on.

This type of caravan can give you the greatest comfort in your travels, and you can travel and live in the caravan for a long time. It is the most homely feeling. The price is certainly the most expensive. It is suitable for economic prosperity, and people with long-distance travel.

The self-propelled B-type caravan is the smallest in size and is more modified by some large MPV models. It looks like an MPV and is also a self-driving caravan. Because of its small size, the facilities inside it are relatively simple and compact as far as possible, which can meet the most basic needs of life and is cheaper in price.

Because of the small space, many B-type caravans do not have beds or bathrooms, which just have a little more home equipment and decoration.

Therefore, when buying B-type caravans, it is important to see which B-type caravans have bathrooms and beds. The biggest advantage of this type of caravan is that it is small and flexible, does not exaggerate in appearance, is suitable for short-distance travel, and is economical and practical.

The self-propelled C-type caravan is the largest number of caravans in the current market, and it is also a comprehensive and affordable caravans. Its price is not very expensive.

The price range of many C-type caravans is from 300,000 to 400,000, which is a combination of A-type and B-type caravans. Although the functions are not as complete as A-type caravans, they have all of them. The size of the caravan is not as big as that of the A-type, and it also inherits the small and flexible characteristics of the B-type. At first glance, it was recognized as a caravan, which is equivalent to the body of a bus on the front of an MPV.

More of them were converted from small buses. They have kitchens, independent bathrooms, beds, sofas and vegetable washing pools. It has the function of independent life of A-type and is an ideal and perfect caravan. It is an economical and practical caravan with compact and complete space.