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What kind of car can be equipped with a roof tent?
Oct 31, 2018

The most basic condition for the installation of roof tents is to have a roof rack, so the off-road and SUV models are the most suitable. For other models to be installed, the roof load-bearing rack must be installed according to the vehicle conditions.

Generally, the weight of the roof tent is about 60KG, and the weight of a family of three is about 150-240KG, while the weight of the roof of most cars is calculated in tons, so as long as the weight of the luggage rack is strong enough, the weight of the roof is no problem.

In order to achieve such conditions, most of the cars above can be equipped with roof tents by means of (own or install) load-bearing luggage racks, except for cars below A0 level.

Advantages and disadvantages of roof tent

1. Not limited by schedule, they can "encamp" anytime and anywhere.
2. Secondly, roof tents with high-strength fabrics and metal structures have been tested for wind, rain, sand, and even warm insulation. Compared with sleeping, you can save space and carry more luggage.

3. The "high above" of roof rack also effectively avoids the infestation of snake, insect and rat ants.

Disadvantages: Since the installation is significant, the air resistance will be increased and fuel consumption will be increased.

4. Secondly, the current price of roof tents is generally expensive, and it is not convenient to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. Therefore, you must pay attention to the safety of getting up and down the stairs.

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