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Travel essentials of touring by travel trailer
Oct 31, 2018

1. The travel trailer is equipped with TV, VCD, DVD, table, sofa, etc. You can bring your favorite music, karaoke discs, poker, etc. when you go out, and you can entertain yourself on the road.

2. Compared with the private car, the travel trailer has a large internal space, which is convenient for changing clothes. In addition, the weather varies frequently. Please bring some clothes on the way.

3. When there are a lot of people living in a car during the touring, it is best to have spare pajamas for the convenience of the night.

4. In order to protect the sanitation and cleanliness inside the travel trailer, it is best to wear slippers.

5. Each time you get off for the meal, you can bring a water cup, het some hot water in the restaurant, which can save the water source of the travel trailer.

6. The packaging of washing utensils, bags, equipment should be small and soft as well. When the road is bumpy, it can prevent damage.

7. It is necessary to prevent symptoms such as motion sickness, injury, and illness on the way of touring. It is best to equip the medical kit and related drugs before traveling.

8. If the destination is high altitude such as Tibet or Daocheng, it is best to prepare oxygen cylinders, Rhodiola and other items to prevent altitude sickness.

To experience this kind of life, you must pay attention to the problems that arise in your travels. Nowadays, the self-driving tour of foreign RVs has already been very hot. The self-driving tour team in China is also growing. More and more people are driving their own cars, and they are always in the beautiful scenery with their beloved people. Have fun!

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