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The Tent Set up Tips for Outdoor Camping
Feb 20, 2019

  Aiming to the natural-lovers, they often wends on the extraordinary alpine paths, they seeks for absolute wildly fun, and certainly they don’t reside in cosy hotels. For these specific players, the necessary equipment and knowledge are indispensable, here are the tips about camping down below, might as well take some references.

   Camp-site Selection:

  First of all what you should consider is safety. In the open, there may be many possible accidents. At lower altitudes, the risks are much smaller, but still, you must abide by the basic principles of camp-sit selection.

  1. Before pitching up a tent, must carefully prospect the terrain, the upward side of the camping ground mustn’t contain rolling stones, rolling logs, and those rotten rocks, once discover there are signs of rocks scattering nearby, then there is no way you are pitching a tent here, especially the closer you get to the cliff, the more attention is requires, avoid the cambered ground to encamp as much as possible. Once you discover rolling stones, you should burst out and inform your buddies.

  2. Do not encamp on the frequent mudslide location. If there are trace of many stones been covered up by mud, then it is the main mark of identifying whether there were mudslide. You shan’t choose your campsite too close to the mudslide passage way.

  3. During thundery weather, do not encamp on mountaintop or open-space, in case of being struck by lightening.


  Pitching a Tent

  1. Should pitch your tent on a ground as solid and even as possible, do not encamp on a riverbank and dried riverbed.

  2. The entrance of the tent should be leeward, the tent should keep far from slope with rolling stones.

  3. To avoid the tent get inundate while raining, should excavate a drainage ditch under the side boundary of the tent top.

  4. The four corners of the tent should be hold down with large rocks.

  5. Should keep ventilation going within the tent, while cooking within the tent, should always prevent fire.

  6. Should double-check whether all the fire has been crush out and whether the tent has been fixed firmly before sleep.

  7. To prevent bugs gets in, can spill a lap of coal oil around the tent.

  8. The frontage of the tent is better to face the south or south-east, in order to catch sight of morning sunbeam, the camp is better off not to set on ridge or peak.

  9. A land with grooves at least, do not pitch next to the creek, so it won’t be too cold at night.

  10. The camp-site should selected on locations that are well--draining such as sand, meadow, or rock debris ground etc.

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