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Notice of touring by travel trailer
Oct 31, 2018

Touring by travel trailer, we can park at random in beaches, lakes, grasslands, hillsides and forests, which are far away from the city. We can enjoy the beautiful scenery while the city's lifestyle. Nowadays, it is more and more popular with outdoor enthusiasts and young people. However, as the most fashionable travel tool nowadays, what is the convenience of touring by travel trailer? What are the precautions? What preparations should be made for departure?

Precautions for touring by travel trailer
● Water-consuming system is the most important in travel trailer. The drinking water system must be disinfected before driving the new travel trailer and must be disinfected in time every 5000 kilometers after.
● Check whether the equipment is complete and filled with water tank and oil tank before departure. The most important thing is to check whether the gas in the travel trailer is safe and whether there is any air leakage.
● It is better not to walk around the travel trailer or lie on the upper berth while driving. Stacked things need to be fixed. When stopping temporarily, it is better for the driver to open the door, and the personnel in the travel trailer should not open it on their own.
● After stopping the travel trailer in the camp, first connect the water, electricity and waste water pipes, and then start using personal equipment. What’s more, please strictly abide by the relevant regulations of the camp.

1. The travel trailer is equipped with bed, sofa, TV, microwave oven, refrigerator, toilet and other infrastructure. You can cook and barbecue by yourself during the touring.

2. The rated number provided by the travel trailer is based on the bed, guaranteeing one bed per person. It's best to have another camping tent for camping.

3. The toilet on the travel trailer can be used on the road and at night. Before going out, please check if the flusher is in good condition to prevent the water tank from leaking on the way.

4. If you want to take a bath, please find a place with external water source and can discharge the sewage, so as to ensure sufficient water supply. If you are bathing in a place where water is inconvenient, it is necessary to save water due to the limited capacity of the independent tank.

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