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How to use water, electricity and gas on the RV
Oct 31, 2018

With regard to the driving of mobile caravans, many people still have many questions especially regarding water, electricity, coal and which appliances can be used under what circumstances. Therefore, the editors will specially post answers to common questions about the use of mobile caravans.

The mobile caravan is usually equipped with three water tanks, clean water, waste water and sewage (toilet), clean water tank water supply tank, shower, and used water flows into the waste water tank. The sewage tank is the toilet, which needs to be pumped out and emptied separately. The flushing water is additionally added to the sewage tank.


Q: How many meals does the water tank have and how many people can take a bath?

A: Usually the water tank has a capacity of 80-100 liters, which is enough for 3-4 meals in normal use. If you still need to take a bath, you need to continue to add water. Everyone needs to take a bath for 5 minutes. It is recommended to go to the camp for public bathroom shower.

Q: The clean water tank is full. Why can't the toilet flush?
A: The water flushing the toilet is pulled open and poured into a pipe above the sewage tank.

Q: Where can I go to discharge the sewage?

A: The camp can drain water and sewage, and some gas stations can also.

Q: When renting a RV, do you need to fill up the clean water and empty the waste water and sewage?

A: Yes, fill up the water tank and drain the waste water and sewage.

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