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Family Caravans

  • There Are 10 Caravan Classifieds

    There Are 10 Caravan Classifieds

    Matters needing attention in Trailing RVs driving on the road.Read More
  • New Caravans

    New Caravans

    The advantage of trailing RV is that it is more flexible to use and most consumers already have SUV or off-road vehicles, which can easily tow the trailing RV or be separated from the RV.Read More
  • Popular Small Caravans

    Popular Small Caravans

    1. The top of the RV is closed and cannot be opened.
    2. This RV is not a passenger car, which should not take other passengers during driving.
    3. The maximum depth of the drawbar is 50 mm and the maximum load of the connector is 200 kg.
    Read More
  • New and Used Caravans

    New and Used Caravans

    6 - year super-long warranty of the body frameRead More
  • Big top Caravan

    Big top Caravan

    1.The entire travel trailer system solution;
    2.The entire travel trailer system design and productin;
    Read More
  • No Expansion Travel Camper Caravan

    No Expansion Travel Camper Caravan

    Integrated design: follow the characteristics of the RV, comprehensively match the chassis, exterior decoration, interior decoration and electrical appliances, and continuously improve the special functions of the vehicle from the perspective of customers' common needs;Read More
  • Caravan Camper with Independent Suspension

    Caravan Camper with Independent Suspension

    ​Trailing RV. The characteristics and advantages of the trailing RVRead More
  • Park Caravans with Big Space

    Park Caravans with Big Space

    The self-propelled Caravan can move forward with its own traction force and can be divided into self-propelled Type A, B and C RV according to its appearance characteristics.Read More
  • Classical Caravans

    Classical Caravans

    The total mass of the trailing RV should preferably not exceed 1t. Except for the 100 L clean water tank, 50 L sewage tank and 50 Kg luggage, the trailer can only have a designed ready mass of 800 kg.Read More
  • Holiday Big Space Caravan

    Holiday Big Space Caravan

    ​There are two types of RVs. One is a trailing RV and the other is a self-propelled RV. The trailing RV itself is unpowered and needs to be towed by another vehicle to move.Read More
  • Hobby Used Caravans

    Hobby Used Caravans

    The overall dimensions ( Length * width * height ) are 8123× 2250× 2650 mm RV, Recreational Vehicle is also referred to as Caravan, caravan and etc.Read More
  • Caravan for Travel

    Caravan for Travel

    The shape of this Caravan is a typical Type A trailing RV with clear edges and sharp shapes. One side has the function of widening, which enlarges the use area of the carriage.Read More
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